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The other day, we blogged about Skype and the impact that it has had on grandparents.  Today, it is time to blog about Facebook and various other social networking services that are becoming more and more popular among grandparents and other adults.

Did you know that 22% of grandparents use some sort of social networking service (Loveland)?  It’s true!  These social networking services, Facebook in particular, have been a great way to link grandparents with their grandchildren.  Social networking services also allow grandparents and grandchildren who live far away from each other to communicate very easily.

As the Baby Boomers are becoming grandparents, they are having a much easier time keeping up with Facebook and other social networking services (Phillips).

Finally, you may want to think about the pictures and information on your social networking sites.  If it’s embarrassing or inappropriate, would you really want you grandparents to see it?

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