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In the past few years, technology has brought many people much closer together.  For instance, Skype, a widely known webcamming service, allows people to communicate using a camera on their computer with a person who is across the room, or across the world, from their original location.

Skype has enabled grandparents and grandchildren to communicate in ways that were impossible before it’s creation.  The use of a service such as Skype gives the grandparents and the grandchildren a real-time image of what is happening and the users can communicate “face to face” or by using “eye contact”.  Skype, and similar services, are bringing families, especially grandparents and grandchildren, much closer together.

For more on this story, follow this link: http://www.kansascity.com/2011/06/21/2964023/technology-keeps-us-close-grandparents.html


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