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In the past few years, baby boomers have been becoming grandparents.  In fact, 32 million Baby Boomers are now grandparents.  These grandparents aren’t necessarily old and wrinkly, but they are young and “hip”.  Baby Boomer grandparents are also preferring to be called “modern” names and not “Grandma” or “Grandpa”.  Instead, grandchildren and families are using names such as “Papa John”, “Glam-Ma”, “Nonna”, etc.

Changing and modernizing what we call our grandparents is just one way that Baby Boomers are changing grandparenting.  Baby Boomers who are becoming grandparents are young.  According to the AARP, the average age of first grandparenthood is now 47.

Being so young enables these first-time grandparents to keep up with the technology that their grandchildren are using.  The younger grandparents are also more physically active and can take part in very active parts in their grandchildren’s lives.
How do you feel about all of this?

For more on this story, click here, or click this link.


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