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Recently, there has been a phone scam making it’s way across the airwaves.

The caller will identify his or herself as the grandchild of the person who they are calling.  Next, the caller will say that they are in jail (sometimes internationally) and they need help.  The caller will also say that an attorney would be getting in touch with them.  When the attorney calls, they will say that a certain amount of money needs to be wired to a specific account.

After contacting their grandchildren, and realizing their grandchildren are safe, many grandparents feel embarrassed to have fallen for the phone call scam.  These grandparents are also out of a lot of money.

For a story from California, click here.

For a story from Utah, click here.

And for a story from Ohio, click here.




Comments on: "“Hi Grandma. I’m in jail. Can you bail me out?”" (2)

  1. Shawn Thrasher said:

    This same scam just happened to my mother in North Carolina.

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