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The Affordable Coverage Act (ACA) is an act that will enable many of our nation’s children to become covered under some sort of health care plan.

Did you know that currently there are 20 million children who face unique challenges to acquiring health coverage?  These challenges originate from their family’s eligibility, location of residence, and immigration status.
Some of these challenges are:
-Dependents are not always covered by insurance that is employer-sponsored.
-Income variations between adults and children can qualify different people for Medicaid/CHIP.
-Health coverage/insurance eligibility is dependent on a person’s citizenship and documentation status.
-Parents who are separated share the obligation to find health coverage for their child or children.
-Children who are in Kinship Care are living with relatives (mainly Grandparents) who are eligible for Medicare, but the children are not.

The ACA’s goal is to remove some, if not all, of these burdens.  The ACA is going to expand Medicaid and other federal subsidies to enable many more people to purchase some form of health coverage.  The ACA is also going to have an individual requirement for every person seeking health coverage with the help of the ACA.

To read the report, follow this link: http://www.rwjf.org/coverage/product.jsp?id=72428

Information Taken From:
McMorrow, Stacey, Genevieve Kenney, and Christine Coyer. Addressing Coverage Challenges for Children Under the Affordable Care Act. Rep. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 2011. Online.


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