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Alabama’s “Grandparent’s Bill” allows grandparents visitation rights to their grandchildren.  This bill was sponsored by Representative Harry Shiver.  The bill is now waiting to be signed by the Governor of Alabama.  To read more about the bill, click here: http://www.fox10tv.com/dpp/news/local_news/mobile_county/grandparents-bill-passes-legislature.


Comments on: "Alabama’s “Grandparent’s Bill” Has Passed the State Legislature!" (2)

  1. Manuela Rhoades said:

    Like Alabama, the rest of the other 50 states need to pass the same law about grandparents right to see their grandchildren. Specially the State of North Carolina, these lawmakers should realize that when the children parents need the help from the grandparents everything is fine until something that they don;t agree with become an issue. We as grandparents should be able to show the love and care for the best interest of the children. It has been three yrs., now that my son doesn’t allow me to have any relationship with my grandson, and people with the same problem know how heart breaking that could. I hope we all get together in this crusade to push the lawmakers to do something for us real soon. Thank you

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