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What are you calling your grandparents now a days?  Celebrity grandparents like Goldie Hawn and Blythe Danner aren’t embracing the term “Grandma”, instead they are embracing terms like “Woof”, “Lalo” or “Glam-Ma”.  Along with many other grandparents, Danner and Hawn believe that the term “Grandma” makes them feel and sound old.  “Grandmas” aren’t the only ones who feel this way.  Even “Grandpas” feel old when they are called “Grandpa”.  Some “Grandpas” are now using terms like “Papa John”, “PopPop”, and “PawPaw”.

While these names may sound silly to some of us, they have very special meanings.  Each name was given to the grandparent because of a special memory of a person, place, or a thing.  In other cases, these names were given to grandparents because it is what the grandchild wanted to call their grandparent.

Silly names are just half of the rage with the renaming of grandparents.  Many grandparents (and their families) are choosing to use names from their heritages and cultures.  In Wales, the Welsh names for “Grandma” and “Grandpa”, Nain and Taid, are more popular than “Grandma” and “Grandpa”. Others are using names such as “Nonna” or “NaiNai”.

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